Only You in Everything review

Happy Pub Day to Only You in Everything by Jennifer Ann Shore!


Only You in Everything is the story of Cameron, an artist who is spending the summer before college working at a summer camp. And she just so happens to be working right alongside her childhood friend and longtime crush Will. Will this be the summer that Will finally returns Cameron's feelings, or will her hopes remain unrequited as she enters her first year of college?

Only You in Everything is the fifth book I have read by Jennifer Ann Shore and I think this one just might be my favorite so far. I adored the summer camp setting; it gave me some nice trips down memory lane and offered a fun escape. Cameron was great as a lead and I liked how the book focused on her as a whole person just as much as it did the romance aspect of the book. The relationship between Cameron and Will had a lot to it, and their road was definitely not straightforward. I am always in need of good YA books in my life, and Only You in Everything is definitely the kind of book that I look for.

Thanks so much to the author for this ARC; this is my honest and voluntary review.


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